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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of making your website friendlier to both search engines and users. SEO services are critical given that more people are researching online before making a purchasing decision.

I provide affordable SEO Services. My commitment to providing quality SEO solutions to my clientele is the reason I’ve grown to be among the best SEO go-to person. I am capable of providing the most advanced SEO services by adopting the best digital methods to ensure that your company’s traffic and rankings for long-tail phrases and vetted keywords are increased for driving visitors to your website. Talk to me and let’s help you redirect traffic to your site and increase sales.

I Provide the Best SEO Services You’re Looking for.

I focus on return on investment (ROI) to ensure SEO marketing efforts pay off. Also, I leverage advanced analytics and reporting tools that help track SEO performance. I can help you grow online sales by using keywords to boost website traffic. I have worked with many clients and have a strong experience in the global market.

I offer custom Kenya SEO services to clients of all industries. For example, my clients range from online shops, ecommerce, real estate, and hotels to tech companies.

My Process


I start by working with you to understand the goals of your business as far as digital marketing is concerned. I will help you draw up an SEO strategy.


Next, I take a look at your website to analyze the current position’s strengths and weaknesses. I then select and prioritize website elements to be worked on to yield the most significant impact


Conducting a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ practice is the surest way to determine your company’s unique position and value.


Keyword researching involves a comprehensive evaluation of the available search terms, together with understanding the way customers conduct searches.


I work with you to draw an SEO plan that works uniquely for your business and fits nicely within your budget projections.


I finally implement an on-page optimization to your site, using the SEO plan as a guide. During implementation, proper documentation is done to keep track of all the changes made to monitor the impact of the SEO campaigns.

The Following are my SEO services list. 

  •  Keyword Research
  • Competititor Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Website SEO Services
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Responsive SEO ready websites
  • SEO content Writing
  • Google My Business optimization
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Online shopping SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Paid Search advertising
  • Shopify SEO 

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Keyword research + Meta Title optimization + Meta description optimization + Fix errors

Keyword research + Meta title & description optimization + Headings optimization + Fix errors

Keyword research + Meta Title & description + Image Alt tags + Headings + Schema Markup + Fix error

Title optimization

H1, H2, H3 tags

Meta description

Image alt tags

Schema markup

Page audit

Number of pages




Keywords researched




Delivery Time

1 day

2 days1 day


3 days1 day







I will be number 1 or on top page in Google search rank?

The ranking positions depend on many factors: Quality of the content you provide on your website, your country, your domain, Use of social media, competitors. No SEO Expert can guarantee your position on search results because there are a lot of factors.

Do I need to contact before order?

Yes, it’s better to contact first because you will get FREE audit and action plan for your website.

What will I get out of this gig?

After ordering this gig you'll get your website prepared for the best Google Ranking. Once google re-index your website its ranking performance will be improved and you'll get organic traffic and sales.

After I finish the contract the website will be higher in search results?

SEO takes time. After I finish working on your website. It will take about 3 months or 4 months to see good results. This is the amount of time that takes google to recrawl back the site in its database.

I order 1 time and that is it, or I need to order more?

The SEO optimization work is a continuous process. To Have a Successful site you must optimize it as many times as possible.

Do you GUARANTEE results?

No SEO can guarantee results, I provide a professional service to make your site the best it can be! Thus, I can guarantee you that you'll get organic traffic to your website and it'll increase your sales.

Still have questions? It’s ok please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help.